We are lucky to have hundreds of scenic islands around the world, and many of them are great locations for snorkeling too. You will find amazing marine life, plenty of beautiful corals, and even some shipwrecks and underwater caverns in these places. Here are our top picks.

Solomon Islands

Swim with chambered nautilus, an unusual inhabitant of the sea at Uepi Island in the Solomon. Its circular shell is a collector’s delight. Of course, you shouldn’t touch it. Just admire its beauty and take pictures. You will find this mollusk, which is related to snails, clam, squid, and octopus between 800-1000 feet below the water. They usually come out after dark for scavenging. There are sunken warships too in the Solomon.

Great Barrier Reef

Wear your full face snorkel mask and venture into the largest coral reef system in the world. There are 2,900 individual reefs here covering area of 2,300 kilometers.  The warm water is perfect for snorkeling. The underwater scenery is incredible. Go there before 2050, when the reef could become extinct because of global warming according to predictions made by the scientists.

Raja Ampat

This island is located in West Papua, Indonesia. Here, you will find the world’s greatest concentration of marine life, and 75% of all coral species. So far, 1000 species of manta rays, sharks, turtles, and fish has been found here. Very few people still come here, so it is virgin territory, almost. Go anywhere close to the island and you could be swimming with large schools of fish. That will be some experience.

Papua New Guinea

Close to Indonesia and north of Australia is another heaven for snorkelers. At Restorf Island, you are likely to come face to face with marine life you probably have never seen before. This includes jewel-like filefish, spiny devilfish and many other strange-looking critters that are to be found in the small reef walls and shallow waters here. New species are being discovered here to this day.


The atolls of the Maldives are another incredible destination. Pick any atoll and you are likely to have a snorkel experience like never before. Divers too will have an amazing experience here. The country is like a natural aquarium, scenic beaches and high-end luxury island resorts with water and beach-front villas.

There are many other great places for snorkeling, such as the islands in the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and the Philippines, among others.